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Octis Technology Pte. Ltd. provides engineering consultancy services for the energy, construction and manufacturing sectors as well as independent failure analysis, design review and forensic engineering consultancy services for the investigation of failures, accidents, and other incidents involving engineered products including power supply interruptions and trippings. Our goal is to find out what happened when something went wrong, and use scientific and engineering principles to explain why it happened.

We provide services in fault, failure, fire, forensic and accident investigations of electrical, electronics, mechanical and control systems or components of plants and machinery (e.g., in power generating stations, switch-yards and switch-rooms, coal handling facilities, boilers, petrochemical plants, commercial and industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, oil rig, marine vessels, electric overhead travelling cranes, lifts and escalators, etc.).
  We also provide services for component failure analysis, product defect analysis, code compliance analysis, litigation support, expert witness service and advice for damage assessment, loss mitigation for insurance claims, construction related activities, risk assessment, etc.

We are familiar with claims, subrogation and litigation processes, and can help clarify the technical aspects of a cause of failure.

We have completed many assignments ranging from industrial and electrical accidents to fires (residential and commercial properties including buildings, warehouses, data centres, electrical substations, power generating station, marine vessels, oil rig, etc.) including electric power system and lightning damage investigations. We investigate incendiary fire, chemical fire, fire of electrical origin, etc.

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