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Terms and conditions of business
Instructions are accepted by OCTIS only according to the following terms and conditions and OCTIS’s services are rendered only upon the basis that such terms and conditions constitute an express agreement between OCTIS and any Person, Firm or Company (hereinafter called the Client) requesting such services whether or not that Client is acting as an agent for, or on the instructions of, another party.

Work will commence upon receipt of the Client’s instructions to proceed – these may be verbal or written confirmation (e.g., electronic mail or facsimile).
  Fees charged by OCTIS for carrying out work will be based on the time of staff involved, with appropriate overheads. Cost of materials and other expenditure will also be charged to the Client.

Our fees depend on the complexity of the case, which varies from case to case. A fixed quotation can be supplied by OCTIS for assignments where the scope of enquiry can be clearly identified by the Client. For complex cases, for example, cases involving detailed technical considerations and disputes, we shall seek approval from the Client before carrying out further additional work once the estimate of anticipated time has been used.

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