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Some projects or assignments in the area of fire and explosion investigation, forensic investigation, design review and maintenance engineering, which we have completed, are listed below.

• Fire and explosion involving incendiary fire, chemical fire,
   fire of electrical origin, etc. (investigation or expert witness):
  - Power plants
  - Coal handling facilities
  - Boilers
  - Substations
  - Warehouses
  - Marine vessels
  - Oil rig
  - Apartments
  - Buildings
  - Data centres
  - UPS rooms

• Failure or fire investigation of power generation equipment such as:
  - 137.5-MVA 11.5 kV steam turbine generator
  - 30-MVA 11 kV gas turbine generator
  - 21-MVA 15 kV diesel engine generator
  - 48-MVA 11.5 kV gas turbine generator
  - 50-MVA 11 kV gas turbine generator
  - 30-MVA 11 kV gas turbine generator
  - 100-MW coal-fired generator

• Failure or fire investigation of power transformers such as:
  - 500-MVA 500/150/66 kV interbus transformers
  - 470-MVA 500/23 kV generator step-up transformer
  - 550-kV outdoor bushings of 300 MVA 525/15.75 kV transformer
  - 292-MVA 150/15-kV generator step-up transformers
  - 150-MVA 230/66 kV transformers
  - 140-MVA generator step-up transformer
  - 310-MVA 19/275 kV generator step-up transformer
  - 67.5-MVA 13.8/115/6.3 kV generator step-up transformer
  - 80-MVA 132/33/11 kV transformer
  - 50-MVAr shunt reactor
  - 10-MVA rectifier transformer
  - 1-MVA 25-kV traction transformer

• Failure or fire investigation of switchgears and test equipment such as:
 - 230-kV Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS) (e.g., 230-kV busbars,
    single-break and double break circuit breakers, disconnecting switch,
    voltage transformer)
 - 230-kV shunt reactors and test equipment.


• Failure or fire investigation of machinery and power distribution equipment
   such as:
  - 66-kV switchgears
  - 22-kV switchgears
  - 22/0.4 kV transformers
  - low-voltage switchboards and circuit breakers
  - cables and accessories (e.g., terminations for stress grading)
  - a.c. and d.c. motors and controllers
  - bus-ducts
  - distribution boards and automatic transfer switch
  - wirings
  - uninterruptible power supply system
  - battery and charger system.

• Investigation into the cause of tripping of power system, process plants,
   chillers as well as power interruption which resulted in loss of production.

• Investigation into the cause of industrial and electrical accidents which
   resulted in physical injury and/or death.

• Design review of HV and LV power distribution network, starter circuits,

• Investigation into the cause of failure of printed wire assemblies.

• Failure investigation of facade light fittings.

• Failure investigation of pumps of refrigerant systems.

• Writing of technical specifications for maintenance tests of electrical

• Risk assessment of an extra-high voltage electrical switching station.

• Fire risk assessment of a hotel.

• Expert witness for fire, fault, failure, accident and forensic engineering
   work including litigation support.


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